International Training

KITA International Training Plan in FY2015

No. Training Categories Training Outline
T Environment Management Training in waste treatment techniques (technologies and systems), covering the entire range from household garbage to industrial waste.
U Water resources & Water treatment Training in industrial wastewater and wastewater processing techniques (technologies and systems)
V Production technology and Local industry activation Training in essential manufacturing techniques (the 5S and small group activities, and medium and small-sized business supporting.
W Saving energy &Renewable energy Training in energy conservation technologies and policies in a broad range of sectors, from commercial and residential to industrial, as well as in renewable energy technologies and dissemination methods.
X Health care, Urban development & Others Training in food hygiene management and sustainable urban development.

EA training course listed as follows is a continuation course from last year.
EUpdate and the new training course are added sequentially.

Title of training course 2015 2016 Leader Participant
4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6
TEnvironment management 
Industrial Pollution Control Management Junji Kawasaki 12
Waste management Technique (A) Sashiwa 8
Waste management Technique (B) Haraguchi 8
Capacity Development in Industrial Pollution Management for Iraq Junji Kawasaki 12
Air Pollution Source Management Kido 10
Management of Composting Project (A) Sashiwa 10
Environmental Education Haraguchi 13
U Wastewater treatment
Operation and Maintenance of Sewerage System and Waste Water Treatment Technique Sueta 8
Capacity Development in Waste Water Treatment Sector for Kosovo Sueta 8
Sewerage Administration for Vietnam Yazu 10
Water Environment Administration Ueyama 10
VProduction technology & Local industry activation
Vocational Training for its Application to Business Miyamoto 15
Small and Medium Enterprises/Local Industry Activation for Central and South American Countries Miki 12
Strengthening Marketing Capacity for SMEs Miyamoto 10
Maintenance Management for Productivity Improvement Nakashima 12
Practical Human Resource Development in Electrical and Electronic Engineering for Africa Tomita 9
Capacity Development for Entrepreneurs and MSMEs Activation in African Countries (A) Kosugi 10
Energy Conservation Techniques(1) Yamato 15
Energy Conservation Techniques(2) Fujii 15
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Terada 10
Policy Planning for Energy Efficiency & Conservation (C) Kawaguchi 11
Solar Power Generation Technology Ueyama 12
Promotion of Energy Conservation in Commercial and Residential Sector Ueyama 12
African Renewable Energy Course Fujii 14
XHealth care, Urban development & Others
Urban Management for Sustainable Urban Development (A) Io 10